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"live consciously"

"A conscious world where people have more intentional connections with self, community and environment." That is our vision.

KAMALE comes from the African name, Kamali, meaning "spirit guide". We were spiritually led to the name "KAMALE" and its origin and meaning perfectly encapsulate all that we are. With an Afro-cultural flair, KAMALE seeks to offer its tribe a catalogue of one-of-a-kind items, intentionally created and curated to build and maintain high consciousness in everyday life. We strive to help you feel nourished from skin to soul.

Founded by Kahris (mother, musician and all-round creative), KAMALE was birthed through her journey with skin, spirit and self. A year into extensive research and development of the KAMALE brand, she repatriated to Jamaica with her eleven (11) month old son and began to reformulate KAMALE's skincare products around the myriad of herbs and the prominent use of herbal remedies that has existed for generations on the island. With the help of her husband, Khonnie, the KAMALE brand is quickly expanding as a collection of unique products to help individuals enjoy a natural, purposeful, highly vibrational life otherwise known as "livity" in Jamaica.
At KAMALE, we believe in an organic process of creation over mass production. We choose the most intentional way to our finished product every time; guided by spirit. We hope that as you use our products, they will be tools to guide you even deeper into honouring all you are because it is in purposefully living that we get closer to God and our truest self.

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